Commercial Driveway Repair Dallas TX

Commercial Driveway Repair

Having a good driveway is important for ingress and egress at your commercial property. Vehicles need to be able to efficiently enter and exit with worrying about damaging their cars or swerving around a pot hole. When a driveway is full of pot holes, it causes vehicles to have trouble pulling out into traffic and also causes vehicles to have to slow down to pull in. This increases the risk of an accident and exposes you, as the property owner or property manager, to potential legal liability.

C & D Commercial Services specializes in commercial driveway repair and has been serving DFW since 1981.  The expansive soils in this area will often heave and crack driveways allowing water infiltrated beneath the concrete and wash out the sub-base. This causes the concrete to sink and crack.

When we repair driveways, we cut the bad concrete and rebar out, dig out what was left of the old sub-base and install a new sub-base. We then drill rebar into the existing concrete, secure it with epoxy and connect it to rebar in the new pour. Last, we pour the new concrete and finish it out. We have experience working around man holes and utilities.

Here is North Texas, concrete is going to move, we have expansive soils and weather extremes. Our springs are usually very wet but our summers are dry and hot. When the soil dries out, it shrinks. This is why it is important to build driveways designed to move in units without crumbling – which brings us to proper expansion joints. At C & D, we know the importance of good expansion joints. Expansion joints will allow the concrete slab to naturally move with the soil and expand and contract along designate areas that are designed to withstand the movement. We cut our expansion joints at strategic places and fill them with a self-leveling urethane caulk so that water doesn’t infiltrate underneath the concrete slab along the joints. You can find out more about our expansion joint services here.

C & D Commercial Services has been performing commercial driveway repair services for many years and we have an experienced crew who can get the job done.

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