• City Sweeping Services

    City sweeping services in North Texas and East Texas. C & D Commercial Services has a fleet of street sweepers to assist municipalities of all sizes with their street sweeping needs. Our city sweeping services includes both one-time sweeps and regularly-scheduled sweeping programs. We also do event cleanups both before and after public events such

  • Construction Sweeping – Dallas, TX

    Construction Sweeping and Cleanup C & D Commercial Services, offers construction sweeping and cleanup services in the Dallas, Fort Worth area. During the construction of a new building, there is a lot of dirt that get tracked out of the job site and onto the surrounding roadways. Cities often require contractors to keep these public

  • Parking Garage Cleaning in Dallas and Fort Worth

    Parking Garage Cleaning Services Most parking garages are semi-enclosed or fully enclosed spaces with limited airflow. Over time, traffic and wind will bring in dirt and debris, vehicle exhaust leaves fine black soot particles, people leave trash or spill drinks, and vehicles leak oil. You must clean a parking garage on a regular basis in

  • You Get What You Pay For – Parking Lot Cleaning Prices

    Not All Parking Lot Cleaning Companies are the Same We recently lost a re-bid for parking lot cleaning on a property that we’ve been servicing for years. The property manager was happy with our service but simply went with a lower bid. We lost by a mere $12/month to one of our competitors, who recently

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