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Porter Services – Day and Night

Day and night porter services are a good way to keep high traffic properties clean throughout the week. It can often be combined with our sweeping services to provide you with a more cost efficient way to maintain your property and keep the trash down.

    Our day porter services include the following:

  • Changing out trash bags
  • Blowing down entryways with backpack blower
  • Hand picking trash and litter on pavement and in landscape
  • Cleaning cobwebs
  • Cleaning dumpster areas
  • Monitoring property for large trash, repairs and trip hazards

Why choose us:

C & D has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1981. We offer high quality services at competitive prices. We are reliable and do not cut corners with our work.  We have a reputation for quality. We understand your needs and expectations and offer you a personalized service to keep your property in top condition.

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