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Commercial Paver Installation Services

Paver installation is both an art and a science. Keeping precise patterns and spacing takes a good bit of skill but you also have to make sure the pavers are installed in a proper base and that they will will be able to withstand expanding soils, changing temperatures and traffic without moving or cracking. Installing pavers can be more challenging than concrete or asphalt but they are unmatched in their aesthetic and design appeal and can really make a statement for visitors and tenants of a commercial property.

C & D Commercial Services has over 40 years of experience in installing pavers. You need all the experience you can get in the around here. DFW soils are mostly expansive clays, which create a big set of challenges for property owners in this area. That clay must be dug out so a good sub-base can be installed – it must also be well-drained so that water doesn’t sit in the sub base or surrounding clay. The more you can limit standing water, the less the surrounding clay will expand and contract throughout the seasons.

If you need paver installation or repair on your commercial property, contact C & D Commercial Services for a fast and free quote.

Paver Repair Services

C & D specializes on paver repair services. If you have pavers that have moved or failed, we will come in, remove the old pavers, remove the old sub-base, install a new base and re-install the pavers. If the movement is due to water intrusion into the soil, we can add drainage to the area to keep the soil from expanding as much. We can also add lateral support to pavers when needed.

Cracked pavers are sometimes the result of pressure from soil movement or a paver that is not suitable for the amount of traffic it is receiving. In both cases, we can match paver colors when new pavers are needed and also install thicker pavers in areas of high traffic.

In addition to paver installation and paver repair, C & D also specializes in ground up masonry and masonry repairs. This includes brick, stone, cast stone and stucco. Our masonry repair includes replacing brick and stone, re-pointing grout joints and fixing leaks behind masonry walls. Find out more about our masonry services here.

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