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Bollard Installation and Repair Services in Dallas and Fort Worth

C & D Commercial Services specializes bollard installation and repair all over the DFW area. Traffic bollards are a necessary part of most commercial parking lots. Their main function is to protect people and buildings or equipment from vehicles. They protect walls, pedestrians, keep walk ways, sidewalks and handicap areas free from cars, they keep fire escape doors from being blocked, they can provide lighting and even add to the aesthetics of a parking lot or building.

Depending on your needs, bollards can be core drilled and attached to the concrete slab, bolted onto the concrete, pinned into asphalt, or installed in landscaping. They are made from many different materials ranging from metal, to cast stone to plastic.

Use Bollards to Protect from Theft

A common practice among thieves is to use a vehicle to ram a storefront, load the vehicle up and drive off. Bollards are a good way to prevent this from happening. We use heavy duty bollards for this application. We first core-drill into the existing concrete slab, fit a large steel pipe into the hole and then fill the hole and the pipe with concrete. These bollards will stop or immobilize a vehicle before it crashes into the store.

Bollard Repair

From time to time, people run into bollards with cars, truck and equipment. This can cause damage to the bollard by either pulling it out of the pavement, denting it or removing paint. C & D specializes in bollard repair services. We can re-attach, re-paint and restore bollards whenever possible or replace bollards that are badly damaged. It happens often when a bollard is hit by a vehicle that it damages the surrounding concrete. We also offer concrete repair services.

If you need new bollards or bollard repair in the DFW area, contact C & D for a fast and free quote.

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