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Masonry Construction Services

Along with all the commercial property maintenance services, C & D are experienced Masonry Contractors in Dallas TX. We specialize in the installation and repair of brickConcrete Masonry Units (CMU), cast stone, natural stone, block, stucco, and other specialized masonry products on commercial buildings.

As Masonry Contractors, we also have the ability to lay pavers, build retaining walls, signs, and perform leak detection and masonry repair services. Our expertise comes from our sister company, C & D Commercial Masonry, Inc. which is a large commercial masonry contractor.

C & D’s Masonry Division

Founded in 1992, our masonry division does large ground up projects, additions and renovations on commercial properties such as schools, universities, hospitals, high-rise buildings, shopping centers, etc. We use our knowledge, skills and experience from over 20 years in this industry to meet the masonry needs of C & D Service’s clients. In addition to our Masonry Contractor expertise, C & D has extensive supplier contacts, which give us the ability to match brick and other masonry products.

Many older masonry buildings contain brick that was of a predominant type and color at the time the building was built, but has either been discontinued or sparingly produced. If it is still made, C & D can find it, and if not, we can come up with something close – even if it has to be specially fabricated.

Masonry Restoration Services

Sometimes, there are situations where the brick outlasts the mortar and caulk in a wall. In these cases, we can re-point the mortar and replace the caulk to make it look new and restore its structural integrity by repointing the joints. In this process, we remove some of the old mortar in the joints and replace it with new mortar, making the wall look like new and restoring some if its strength.   So if need brick repair whether it be pavers, walls or any other kinds of specialized projects, contact C & D today. We will do a high quality job that will reflect the current architecture of your building and look like an integrated part of your commercial property.

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