• Ice Melt for Sale | Dallas, TX

    Ice Melt for Sale | Dallas, TX

    Lightning Premium Ice Melt – 50 lb bags for Sale  $19 per 50 lb bag for the 2023-2024 winter season. We sell Lightning Premium Ice Melt® in 50lb bags. Pre-treated with magnesium chloride to inhibit corrosion. Premium sized salt crystals for good spread and fast performance. Aqua color for improved visual spreading. Safe for pets,

  • Pressure Washing with Hot Water vs. Cold Water

    Pressure Washing with Hot Water vs. Cold Water

    Why Hot Water Pressure Washing Cleans Better Than Cold Water for Commercial Properties Pressure washing is a great way to clean a variety of surfaces, from sidewalks and driveways to decks and patios. But did you know that using hot water can make the cleaning process even more effective for commercial properties? Here are a

  • Does Pressure Washing Remove Oil Stains?

    Does Pressure Washing Remove Oil Stains?

    As property maintenance company, we get calls all the time to pressure wash parking lots and parking garages. Sometimes, the customer wants all the oil stains in each parking stall to be removed, or there is an oil or grease spill on the property that they want cleaned up. We are often asked, does pressure

  • Exterior Painting | Dallas Fort Worth

    Exterior painting is an important part of commercial building maintenance. Paint provides aesthetic value to the property, protects and preserves the building envelope, provides a water and moisture barrier that protects the interior construction of the building, and reduces the chances of mold growing behind wall cavities. Exterior paint can also be used for concrete

  • Concrete Sealing | Concrete Waterproofing

    What potential customers and tenants see everyday as they walk onto a property likely plays a larger role than most realize. While signage, a reception area and other amenities play a large role in growing a customer base or booking a new commercial tenant, one area that may be being overlooked are the common areas

  • Sidewalk Repair Services

    Sidewalk Repair Services in Dallas and Fort Worth Sidewalk repair is an important part of property management. Owners and property managers are always on the lookout for trip hazards on their properties. These properties are open and their tenants, so the owner has a duty to keep the property free of dangerous conditions. An uneven

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