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Window Cleaning Services

C & D Commercial Services provides commercial window cleaning services in the Dallas and Fort Worth metro area. We have been in the exterior maintenance and cleaning business since 1981. Contact us today and get a free estimate. Once you request an estimate, we will go out to your property to evaluate it and will generally have an estimate back to you in less than a week.

Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning

We clean both interior and exterior windows on single-story and multi-story buildings. The types of properties we service includes: commercial office buildings, industrial warehouses, banks, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, apartments, high-rise condominiums and more. We do not service single family residential properties.

Our commercial window cleaning services include one-time cleanings, repetitive and customized cleanings, emergencies, daytime and night time work. We clean windows, atriums, skylights, entryways, and more.

Our window cleaning services go great with our power washing as we can power wash your pavement and clean your windows at the same time.

Deionized Water System

C & D utilizes a deionized water system to clean your windows. This system removes calcium and other dissolved solids out of the water. Deionized water dries streak free and is more effective at removing dirt and film from windows. Because the DFW area has hard water, this system is necessary provide our customers with a high-quality service. Having the right equipment to effectively and efficiently clean windows allows us to work faster, which allows us to give you a lower price.


When cleaning off the ground, safety comes first. We have ladders, scaffolding and platforms required to do the job in a safe and OSHA-compliant manner. Our sister companies are in the scaffolding and construction business so we are very knowledgable about scaffolding and OSHA regulations and working in high places.


Make sure you contract with a company that has good insurance. C & D Commercial Services can comply with the strictest of insurance requirements and our safety record is exceptional.

How Often Should You Get Your Windows Cleaned?

The DFW area is close enough to West Texas that we get a lot of dirt in the air, and sometimes in our rain. This dirt gets deposited on windows along with pollen and soot from vehicle exhaust. Because of this, we recommend that you clean your windows on at least a quarterly basis if your budget allows for it.

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