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Power Sweeping Parking, Parking Garages, and Industrial Properties

C & D Commercial Services specializes in parking lot, parking garage and industrial property sweeping. We are family owned and managed and have been sweeping under the same ownership for longer than any other sweeping company in Dallas and Fort Worth. We focus on quality and are willing to spend extra time, provide extra labor and maintain the new and effective equipment so that we can provide you with the best possible service. Our high-quality work is what has allowed us to stay in business for more than 40 years.

The Types of Properties We Sweep

Better Sweeper Trucks

Our goal is to provide the highest quality sweeping service available to property managers. To accomplish this goal, we have made a large capital commitment in a all-new fleet of NiteHawk parking lot sweeping trucks. We didn’t just get rid of a few old trucks, we literally replaced every truck in our fleet with a new one. When you hire us, you get the latest sweeping technology. On the right is a picture of some of our new trucks.

Two-Person Sweeping Crews

Dirt, leaves, and trash tends to accumulate in areas where the trucks cannot reach and must be blown out with a backpack blower to drive lanes where the truck can pick it up. We recognize that to properly clean a customer’s property we need some feet on the ground. Because of this, we put more man power on each job than the competition. We place two-person crews in each truck and each crew member has a backpack blower. Because the sweeper truck cannot access many important parts of a property, we believe blowing a property down is just as important as parking lot sweeping. We emphasize the importance of both crew members cleaning the hard to reach areas of properties such as entryways, stairwells, corners, behind wheel stops and along walls, as well as the drivable areas accessible by sweeper truck. Two people can do this much more effectively than one. Our crews are also experienced. They know what to look for when they are cleaning a property and they know what is important to you. We are one of the few sweeping companies to use two-person crews.

Dust Control Systems

We use regenerative air sweeper trucks to sweep your property. A regenerative air system recycles the same air over and over. It uses this limited amount of air to lift dust and debris from the parking areas into the hopper on the truck. This process doesn’t blow as much dust in the air as a conventional sweeping system, which means less dust to settle back onto the parking lot, parking garage or on parked cars. Our trucks also have water systems, which spray water around the head to keep dust from kicking up. This system is especially useful when sweeping parking garages.

In addition, our sweepers use an extra-wide vacuum head instead of a main broom as most commercial sweepers. While most sweepers use the main broom to move debris to a small vacuum area, our sweepers actually vacuum clean the entire width of the truck. This technology allows us to provide commercial power sweeping services in either wet or dry conditions efficiently.

Quiet Sweeping

We’re quiet when we sweep. While most sweeper trucks require a secondary combustion engine with a primitive and loud exhaust to power the sweeping/vacuum component of their trucks, ours do not. Our trucks derive their power from the main engine in the truck. No extra noise is made when the sweeping component is turned on.

GPS Tracking

Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking. We know when the truck arrives at your property, how long it was there and how long the sweeper component of the truck was operated. This gives us important statistical and quality control information and give you peace of mind, knowing that we are sweeping your property properly.


C & D sweeps over 400 commercial properties, private streets and industrial properties. These properties include some of the largest and most prestigious properties in Dallas and Fort Worth.


C & D prides itself on doing a high quality power sweeping job. So next time you need to have your parking garage or parking lot swept clean, call C & D. We will make the exterior of your building look as neat and tidy as when it was first built.

C & D Commercial Services is available to provide commercial power sweeping services to the Dallas / Fort Worth area. C&D operates 24 hours and 7 days a week in order to accommodate your business’ needs.

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Construction and Heavy-Duty Sweeping

In addition to our parking lot and parking garage sweeping services, we also offer construction sweeping. This involves using a larger broom truck that is designed to pick up high volumes of heavy debris, dirt and mud. Find out more about our construction sweeping services.

Street Sweeping Services

We offer street sweeping services for anyone interested in keeping their streets and curb lines clean and free of debris and traffic hazards. This includes repetitive and one-time services. Our street sweeper trucks are the same ones used for construction sweeping. They are much larger than our parking lot sweepers and are designed to clean roadways and curb lines quickly and efficiently. Find out more about our street sweeping services.

Power sweeping is an important part of Commercial Property Maintenance

Our exterior property maintenance programs usually have parking lot sweeping as the foundation. Power sweeping keeps dust and dirt and trash from piling up on the property – keeping it more sanitary, improving the aesthetics, removing trip hazards and ultimately increasing the value of the property.

Blowing Down a Property is as Important as Sweeping:

After 35 years in the parking lot sweeping business, we have determined that it’s just as important to blow down a property as it is to sweep.

Most of dust and debris that accumulates on a property settles in areas we cannot reach with a sweeper truck. Just as a river deposits sediments in eddies and areas of slow current, the wind will deposit sediments in areas with the least amount of turbulence, the less the turbulence, the finer the particulates that get deposited.

Wind eddies usually occur around building entrances, inside corners, stairwells, behind wheel stops, along walls, and underneath covered canopies and parking garages. These are areas that can only be reached with a backpack blower. At the same times, these are the areas that receive the most foot traffic and are the most important areas to keep clean to maintain a good image. While we do not often receive complaints, when we do, it is almost always because our crew missed blowing an area down.

Our Approach to Parking Lot Power Sweeping:

To ensure out customers receive top quality parking lot sweeping, we have purchased a fleet of new sweeper trucks, we send two people out in each truck, and each truck has two high-powered backpack blowers. Both crew members are expected to get out and blow the property down when they arrive. At a certain point the drive will get back in the truck and start sweeping while the helper continues to blow down the inaccessible areas and blow the debris to an area where the sweeper truck can clean it up. We continually stress to our crews the importance of blowing our customer’s properties down.

How We are Different from Our Sweeping Company Competitors:

Many of our sweeping company competitors have inferior and older equipment, they only send one person out in a sweeper truck, who does minimal to zero blowing. So be careful what you pay for when you contract with a sweeping company and make sure you’re comparing apples to apples when evaluating sweeping bids. Ask how old the trucks are, how many people go out in each truck and whether they have backpack blowers or not. Taking a slightly lower bid could result in you receiving half the service.

C & D Commercial Services, Inc has been sweeping the Dallas, Fort Worth area since 1981.

We sweep Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, Denton, Carrollton, Arlington, Irving, Keller, Flower Mound, Richardson, Addison, Allen, McKinney, Garland, Mesquite, Rowlett, Rockwall, Terrell, Wylie, and surrounding areas.

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