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Winter weather is not something we would usually worry about here in North Texas. But winter weather can and does happen and the Dallas and Fort Worth area is notorious for getting ice storms that make it difficult to drive and difficult to walk between the car and the office. These storms can disrupt your tenant’s business and subject you to slip and fall lawsuits. C&D Commercial Services provides ice and snow treatment in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area. We even have a spreader truck to make this process faster and more effective.

Winter Weather Services

C & D can apply ice melt and sand to properties before, during and after a winter weather event. Typical application areas include parking lots, sidewalks, entryways and any other high-traffic areas that might need to be cleared of snow and ice. We prefer to pretreat areas ahead of a winter storm to ensure that ice and snow does not accumulate. This method is more effective than treating areas where accumulation is already present. Don’t wait until the temperature drops, think ahead and hire C&D to handle your winter weather services because we book up fast ahead of a storm.

Clean Up of Ice Melt and Sand

Ice melt and sand is effective for dealing with ice and snow. However, after the ice melts you can be left with a gritty mess. No worries, C & D also provides de-ice and sand clean up services after winter weather events.  We use a sweeper truck to clean up ice melt, salt, and sand anywhere it has been applied, even if you contracted with another company to put it out. C&D Winter Weather Services will leave your property clean and looking its best.  Contact C&D Commercial Services for pricing on our winter weather services and a clean-up.

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