Cleaning Elevator Landings in Dallas and Fort Worth

Cleaning Elevator Landings by Power Washing

power washing elevator landing areas in parking garage

Elevator landings are some of the highest trafficked areas of a commercial property. Subsequently they get dirtier faster than other areas. When the elevator landing opens up to the exterior of a building, they get especially dirty with mud, gum, coffee spills, and motor oil from people walking through parking spaces. With a little extra care, these areas can be safely and effectively cleaned by power washing. The photo above is an elevator landing in a parking garage. Look at the difference power washing can make!

To clean an elevator landing, we make sure to inspect the area prior to cleaning to determine the slope of the floor and direction of water runoff. We will then use water dams to direct the water away from the elevator shafts, carpet, doorways and other sensitive areas and into the closest drain or into our water recovery system. We then carefully wash the area, using hot water when possible to sanitize the concrete and make it look new again.

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