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Brick repair services in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

DFW Brick Repair

C & D Commercial Services has been in the masonry construction business for over 25 years. We offer both ground up masonry construction and brick repair services in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. We have completed many types of project from big to small, simple to complicated. We have experience repairing brick, stone, cast stone, CMU block, stucco and more. Contact us today for a fast and free quote.

Cracked Brick Repair

Masonry repair services in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

Bricks will crack from time to time when they are put under stress. Foundation movement, improper design, defective construction, and inadequate control or expansion joints can cause bricks and mortar to crack and heave. When we come out to give you a repair bid, we will not only match and replace your cracked brick but also diagnose the underlying cause of the defect and recommend a repair for it.

Failing Mortar Joints

Sometimes mortar joints get cracks in them for the same reasons a brick will crack. Often cracks in the mortar joint are associated with foundation movement or recent foundation repair. Mortar joints also tend to be weaker than brick. Over time, they can start crumbling from age or they will crumble if the mortar was mixed too soft. C & D will come in and remove the failing mortar on your building and “re-point” the wall with fresh mortar – restoring your wall.

Failing Brick Wall

Brick walls are typically just veneers and not load-bearing. The bricks are held to the load bearing structure by wall ties or brick ties. Sometimes these ties rust or fail, causing the entire wall to fail. Sometimes the brick ledge that supports the brick will move or fail. In these cases, C & D will come in and re-build the wall with proper brick ties and/or rebuild the brick ledge with a proper sub base.

Water Leaks Behind a Brick Wall

Brick and mortar is porous and will allow water in behind the wall. This is why it is extremely important to build a proper flashing system behind the wall. Flashing is made from plastic sheeting or other impervious material, which diverts the water that gets behind the wall to the bottom of the wall and back to the exterior of the building through weep holes. Improper construction, weathering, or accidental penetration of the flashing will cause your building to leak, which in turn causes water damage and mold issues inside the building – sometimes the leak will manifest itself a good distance away from the actual source of the water intrusion. If you have a leak, we can help. We will locate the source of your leak, remove the bricks around the failing flashing, replace the flashing and then reinstall the bricks.

Failing Caulk in Brick Expansion Joints

Brick walls must have expansion joints cut in them at regular intervals. As brick heats up it expands and cools when it contracts. This movement is especially prevalent on brick walls that receive lots of sunlight. Expansion joints accommodate with movement – without them the bricks will crack or bow when they expand. These control joints are filled with elastomeric caulk to keep water and the elements from getting behind the wall. Over time this caulk breaks down and must be replaces. C & D Commercial Services will remove the failing caulk on your building, prime the brick and install a new elastomeric caulk that will last a long time. You can find out more information about our caulking services here.

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