Now is the Time for Snow and Ice Removal Contracts

Now is the Time to Retain a Company for Snow and Ice Removal

It’s still 70 degrees outside and the DFW area doesn’t even receive snow and ice every year. But when we do, it can be bad. Winter weather in the Metroplex usually involves ice, impassible roadways and lots of slip and falls. Even during the worst ice storms, there will always be a few people who go into work. It is inevitable some of those people are going to slip and fall while walking from their car to the building. Don’t let this happen on your property. Slip and fall stories often make the news and result in personal injury litigation and large pay outs to the plaintiffs. If you don’t put out ice melt and/or sand, you are exposing yourself to slip and fall lawsuits, which can cost millions.

C&D Snow and Ice Removal

Now is the time to retain a snow and ice removal service. A company such as ours, contracts with property managers to put ice melt and sand (when necessary) on commercial properties. We will meet with you, look at the properties you want serviced and come up with a plan and price. We will help you focus on areas most likely to receive pedestrian traffic to make your property safe, while no going overboard and driving up your costs. If you wait until a storm is on the way to request this service, you will have a hard time finding a contractor. We get overwhelmed with calls right before a storm. We serve the customers who retain us. We usually don’t have enough time before the storm to get to the properties that call in at the last minute.

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