• You Get What You Pay For – Parking Lot Cleaning Prices

    Not All Parking Lot Cleaning Companies are the Same We recently lost a re-bid for parking lot cleaning on a property that we’ve been servicing for years. The property manager was happy with our service but simply went with a lower bid. We lost by a mere $12/month to one of our competitors, who recently

  • Fire Lane Striping in Dallas and Fort Worth

    Striping Fire Lanes in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area Fire lanes are necessary for every commercial and multi-family residential property. In case of a fire, they ensure that fire department will have unobstructed driving access to all parts of the building. New buildings or additions must have new fire lanes striped and existing buildings are required

  • Parking Lot Sandblasting

    When to Sandblast the Old Paint in Your Parking Lot? Every parking lot requires striping and pavement markings. This includes everything from parking stalls, to handicap lanes to fire lanes and stencils. Over time this paint begins to fade and chip. Most often, a fresh coat of paint is simply applied over the top of

  • Cleaning Elevator Landings in Dallas and Fort Worth

    Cleaning Elevator Landings by Power Washing Elevator landings are some of the highest trafficked areas of a commercial property. Subsequently they get dirtier faster than other areas. When the elevator landing opens up to the exterior of a building, they get especially dirty with mud, gum, coffee spills, and motor oil from people walking through

  • Water Removal Services

    Water Reclamation and Removal Services in Dallas and Fort Worth Heavy rains and flooding will sometimes flood a below-ground parking garage. C & D has the equipment to remove this water out of your parking garage. We have a large, specialized vacuum on a tractor chassis that is designed to remove water from smooth surfaces.

  • Commercial Driveway Repair Dallas TX

    Commercial Driveway Repair Having a good driveway is important for ingress and egress at your commercial property. Vehicles need to be able to efficiently enter and exit with worrying about damaging their cars or swerving around a pot hole. When a driveway is full of pot holes, it causes vehicles to have trouble pulling out

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