1. What kind of properties do you sweep?

Our sweeping is focused on commercial and industrial properties. This includes parking garages, shopping centers, corporate campuses, hospitals, churches and institutions. We will take on other types of projects if our customers need it.

2. Do you sweep streets?

Yes, but on a limited basis. We sweep private streets, internal roadways, driveways and entryways contained within private commercial, industrial or residential properties. We do not sweep public roads or large roadways that require a large sweeper truck.

3. We have a low-clearance parking garage, will your sweeper trucks fit in it?

Yes, we use low-clearance trucks and will even put low profile tires on our trucks to make sure they fit in your parking garage. We sweep a few properties where it is close but so far we haven’t seen a garage that we can’t sweep.

4. Do you do construction sweeping?

We will do construction sweeping if we are needed to pick up light dirt and dust. We do not have broom trucks that are required to clean up dirt piles, mud, mortar, and leftover construction materials.

5. What size properties do you sweep?

We sweep properties ranging from 40 car parking lots to some of the largest commercial properties in Dallas and Fort Worth, including many downtown parking garages and large hospital complexes.

6. Can you sweep the inside of a warehouse?

Yes, if there is access to get a full size truck on the inside. Our sweeper trucks are 3/4 ton short wheel base trucks that are about the size of a regular pickup truck. Occasionally we use these trucks to sweep the inside of a warehouse. We do not have the smaller floor scrubbers designed to sweep finished surfaces on the inside of warehouses.

7. Can you sweep my property as a specific time and day?

Yes we can. There is a surcharge for this because our sweeping profit is dependent on highly efficient routing. Properties with time and day restrictions interfere with our routing and make them more expensive. In addition, there will be times when mechanical issues, employee illness, or weather disrupt our service and we will need to reschedule on occasion.

Pressure Washing

8. Can you reclaim water?

Yes, we have a machine that will pick up water for garages that have inadequate drainage or require it for LEED purposes.

9. What kind of stains will pressure washing remove?

It depends. We can usually remove dirt, mildew, soot, tire dust, coffee and drink stains, gum, water-based and latex paint. We can lighten oil-based stains such as auto oil, diesel, and hydraulic fluid with some special soap, but we usually cannot remove them completely. Rust stains are extremely hard to remove but a little acid will sometimes lighten them up. We also have a few proprietary tricks to get these tough stains out of the pavement.

10. Can you prep a parking lot or garage for re-striping?

Yes, we can come in and pressure wash old paint that needs to be re-striped. Pressure washing will remove dirt and contaminants on the paint and prime it so that the new paint adheres to the old paint. It will also remove any loose paint that is about to chip. If the old paint chips off, it will take the new paint with it making your new striping look old quickly.

11. Can you remove old paint?

Yes. We often sand blast old paint off a parking surface. Some parking lots have too many layers of old paint that need to be removed or they have pervasive chipping of the base layer. In these cases we will sand blast the paint to remove it completely and start fresh.

12. Can you pressure wash stair wells?

Yes, as long as they don’t have sheet rock walls and as long as the bottom level of the stairwell doesn’t open inside a building, we can pressure wash stairwells. We are usually asked to do this when we pressure wash a parking garage.

13. Can you pressure wash overhead pipes?

Yes, we clean the pipes in many garages. Overhead pipes often collect tire dust, soot, and spider webs. Because parking garage ceilings are so low, these are in a visitor’s line of sight. We usually pressure wash these pipes clean if we are also pressure washing the rest of the garage. In some situations we will wipe them or brush them.


14. Do you prep the paint surface before striping?

Yes, we will pressure wash the pavement surface where the new lines will be placed. If we are re-striping, we will pressure wash the old lines to remove any dirt and chipping paint.

15. What kind of paint do you use?

We use high-end Sherwin Williams or Gorilla traffic quality paint. This paint last longer, holds its color and is more reflective than other paints. It is also designed for pedestrian traffic so it is not slippery when wet. Our paint will last longer than our competitors.

16. Can you create the layout on a new parking lot?

Yes, we do new layout for many of our customers.

17. Can you do specialty striping such as signage and arrows?

Yes, we can do all pavement markings including: handicap designations, cross walks, arrows, reserved parking, fire lanes, no parking zones, curb striping, and even helipads.


18. What kinds of concrete work do you do?

We can to both new-pours and concrete repair. Our new pours are often sidewalk and curb additions as well as small parking lot additions.

Our repairs consist of removing failing concrete, installing a new sub base, adding rebar and then pouring new 4,000 psi concrete. We can install ramps, replace sidewalks, install drains, fix pot holes and much more.

19. Do you sub out your concrete work?

No. We have a full time concrete crew of experienced concrete workers. Quality is too important for us to sub this work out.

Other Questions

20. What is your service area?

We are located in Rowlett, TX, which is a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth. We service anything within about a 100 mile radius. Including, Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, Carrollton, Plano, Rockwall, Richardson, Grand Prairie, Arlington, Mansfield, Coppell, Irving, Grapevine, Euless, Southlake, Garland, Mesquite, Frisco, McKinney, Allen and everywhere in between.

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