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Concrete Crack Sealing

There are two types of concrete in North Texas. Concrete that has cracked and concrete that is going to crack. Our expansive clay soils, rainy periods, droughts and summer heat make concrete movement and cracking all but inevitable. Once the cracks start to form, water can get underneath the concrete slab–causing more soil expansion or eroding out the base layer or soil underneath. If it gets bad enough, this concrete must be replaced. Concrete crack sealing is one way to prolong the life of your cracked concrete.

Concrete crack sealing is a process of filling in the cracks with a special type of caulk to prevent water intrusion and further cracking of the concrete slab or pavement. The cracks are first widened and prepped “chased” out with a concrete saw. Saw cutting provides a smooth surface for the caulk to adhere to and ensures the cracks are wide enough to hold a sufficient amount of caulk. The dust is removed from the cracks and a primer is applied to ensure a good chemical bond between the caulk and the concrete. Finally, the caulk is applied.

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